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Nativity 2011

The Willows' Nativity and Christmas Party 2011

What fun we had! For the first year we held both the Nativity and the party on the same day. This would hopefully be better for parents as it was only the one day that they needed to have time off or to find someone to come also meant that we could relax for the last week and have more fun with the children in session!

We started by meeting at the Baptist Church in North Bradley. Mr Midgely agreed to read the script for us and parents brought the children to us all ready to act! As the parents sat down, staff encouraged the children to take part and to not be anxious about the different environment. We talked about the Nativity story and reminded each other which parts we were!

And then the doors opened and we heard Mr Midgely's voice, narrating the story to us. We all listened, ready to walk down the aisle when we heard our character being read out. The children were very excited and not as nervous as the staff!!

As we made our way down the aisle, we waved to some of the mums and dads who all looked thrilled to see us all. Then we arrived at the stage and sat in our places:

                                                                   nativity 2011 1

It took quite a while for the whole story to be read out and the children sat amazingly well.

                                                                    nativity 2011 2

Finally we were all there and we welcomed the younger children to the stage to sing songs with us all.

                                                                   nativity 2011 3

The singing was brilliant and we were fortunate enough to be accompnaied by Ian Cray on guitar.

After some very loud applause we had some refreshments which had been donated by parents. The children all had a special Christmas choclate and had fun chatting to their friends and their parents.

Then we were off again, to the hall for a party and hopefully a surprise visitor!! The children all received a personalised gift and there was a mixture of sligt fear of Santa and great excitment!

The food was all ready and on the tables and parents were encouraged to eat too. The wholemeal triangular cheese sandwiches were delicious, as was the pesto pizza! The children loved the experience of all eating tpoether and of having all of the parents there too. It was great to be part of a wider community and to all share a meal that had been donated by the parents. As everyone helped to clear away, the children had the chance to let off steam as they played musical statues and bumps.

Mrs Midgely had very kindly offered to arrange some crafts for the children and their parents to take part in and we were amazed by the amount on offer:

                                  party 2011 1                         party 2011 2

The children could make a star, a Christmas biscuit and a Nativity person. It was lovely to see the parents getting involved and helping their children whilst chatting to other parents. The children had a fantastic time as they explored all that there was on offer:

                              party 2011 3                          party 2011 4

I think that some of the parents (and staff!) had as much fun and enjoyed the crafts as much as the children!

                                    party 2011 5                     party 2011 6

The children were worn out after about an hour and the parents began to gather up all of their belongings and crafts to take home. Those that remained


 helped to clear up and to tidy away.                                     party 2011 7                 party 2011 8


We were left with lots of mince pies, some stars and wonderful memories of a great day.

Thank you very much to all of those who helped to make it such a wonderful day.