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Leaver Party 2013

We held our party for the children who are leaving us last week.

It was hosted by Glitterbugs and the parents donated food (and their time).

The children came dressed for the beach and took part in a range of beach-themed activities.

They played some traditional seaside games and had ice-creams.

We then presented them with a gift and a certificate.

Below are some photos of the (sad) afternoon:

leavers2013 1        leavers2013 2

leavers2013 3     leavers2013 4

leavers2013 5    leavers2013 6

leavers2013 7

leavers2013 8     leavers2013 9

leavers2013 10     leavers2013 11

leavers2013 12

leavers2013 14

leavers2013 15     leavers2013 16


We wish you all the very best for the future and hope that you enjoy Big School. We will miss you all and really do appreciate updates about your years at school.