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The Little Zoo March 2013

We arranged another visit from The Little Zoo this week. Gary brought along a selection of their wild animals, including a python, a tarantula, a hedgehog, a meerkat, lizard and a kinkajou.

The children had great fun (as did the staff...) and we all learnt about the different animals.

The Little Zoo 2013 Holding the snake

The Little Zoo 2013 2

The Little Zoo 2013 3 The teeny hedgehog which was rather prickly. We were allowed to touch but not hold. We couldn't get over the tininess of its hands and nose :)

The Little Zoo 2013 4 Lizard: the children were reluctant to touch at first but soon plucked up some courage! One child exclaimed "froggy" when it appeared!

The Little Zoo 2013 5 Meerkat: "they wear clothes on telly" one child told us... Gary showed the staff his scar from a previous encounter with a meerkat - quite impressive. We could stroke this one, but not close to its head.

The Little Zoo 2013 6 Tortiose - nicknamed tsunami for its amazing wee-ing ability. It gave a small demonstration, much to the delight of the children. 

The Little Zoo 2013 7

The Little Zoo 2013 8 Ohhhh. The tarantula. Some of us high-fived with it. Others kept their distance. Some of the staff were Very Brave and held it <gulp>. It wasn't as bad as it could have been!

The Little Zoo 2013 10 The cutest kinkajou in the world :) But also the liveliest. It wanted to play with everyone so Gary kept hold of it. It had a tickly tail and liked to eat...

The Little Zoo 2013 9 Marshmallows! Straight from your mouth! 

The Little Zoo 2013 11 Or from your hand :)


We had a fantastic time. Gary is very knowledgeable and makes everyone feel safe with the animals. He's available for parties and other special events.