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Nativty 2013

We had a fantastic nativity and party last week.

As has become our tradition, we showed our nativity play first, followed by some songs and refreshments.

A special visitor arrived just before lunch and gave out some presents...

We shared lunch and then played some games.

In the afternoon we made lots of Chrsitmas things with parents and then went home, very tired!

Thank you to everyne who helped, especially the lovely committee members who gave up their time to assist staff.

nativity 2013     nativity 2013 4

nativity 2013 2   nativity 2013 3   nativity 2013 5

nativity 2013 6   nativity 2013 7

nativity 2013 8

nativity 2013 8    nativity 2013 8


I really think that this was the best nativity we have ever performed.