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Nativity 2014

We had a fantastic Nativity and party last week. 

The children had been rehearsing for a few weeks and were amazing. We forget just how daunting it must be to find yourself ushered up onto a stage and to face a sea of grown up faces, many of which you have never seen. Following last year's wonderful angel singalong we asked this year's angels if they would like to sing something on their own and they were full of enthusiasm. They requested "Let it Go" from the Frozen soundtrack and settled on "Twinkle Twinkle"! which they sang beautifully.

One little shepherd was very anxious about the whole situation and rather reluctant to take part. It made my day when he agreed ot have a try, and subsequently had a fun filled and giggly day. It is these little things that make our jobs so worthwhile and fulfilling.

Ben (the vicar) was as great as he always is and makes everyone, even me, feel slightly more at ease. 

Following the play we had refreshments and raffled off some amazing tree trunk reindeer and snowmen that a dad had made for us. We also sold some of the leftover chutney that a family had donated.

A special visitor arrived to hand out presents to the children, most of whom were very excited ot see him!

We then had lunch together and had a break before our afternoon entertainment. For the last few years we have provided craft activities for the children to particpate in, with their parents. This year we asked Aviva, of Fidgety Feet, to host a performance which combined dance, drama, storytelling and singing. It was ace! The children were very engaged and keen to join in!

We hope you all had as much fun as we did!

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We have sent out evaluation forms to ask how you thought the day went and we really value your opinions.

See you next year!