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Lunch Time

Children who are booked in for the whole day will need to bring a packed lunch with them. This should consist of a healthy meal and drink, and include ice packs if necessary. The Willows has only a small fridge and cannot store lunches in it. Please ask any staff member if you would like to talk about lunch box contents or to get an idea of what other children bring. Please no nuts, including nut butters. Grapes should be chopped in half, lengthways. Lunch boxes can be stored on the trolley in the main area at drop off. They should be named clearly. You can provide a named water bottle if you wish, however water will be provided if not.

Parents are able to order hot meals via the preschool. These are supplied by the local primary school and must be booked monthly. 

Lunchtime is at 12pm, and children are encouraged to use the toilet and wash their hands prior to sitting down to eat. The children sit in small groups and are well supervised by staff during lunch time.

When they have finished eating, there are a number of activities to choose from; when all of the children have finished we go outside for a run around.

At the end of the lunch hour all the children sit on the carpet and the register is taken and some children will go home.