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Funding & Fees

Unfunded hours £5.25 

The Willows Preschool is registered to apply for Free Entitlement Funding and does so on behalf of all those eligible. This takes effect at the start of the term following your child's third birthday. Each child is entitled to fifteen hours per week of funding and this can be taken over a number of days, with a minimum of 2.5 hours claimed for each day. This can also be split between two settings. Any additional hours must be paid for by the parents (see below). We are also registered to take funded two year olds via Better 2gether Funding. There is a list of criteria that parents must reach in order to qualify for this. You can apply on line through and search Early Years and Childcare, or call 0300 0034561. If you are entitled to the extended funding (which takes you up to thirty hours) then you will need to register your code with us. We also ask for a suggested donation of 40p per session for snack time.

We charge a  £25 non refundable fee when you book sessions for your child.

Payment of fees:  

  • Fees will be invoiced termly in advance 
  • You will receive an invoice at the beginning of each term 
  • A minimum of one month's notice in writing is required if your child is leaving pre-school or one month's fee in lieu of written notice. If your child is leaving at the end of the summer term then this does not apply 
  • Fees are due for all periods during term time including those when your child is absent due to sickness or holidays. An exception to this is that of statutory bank holidays 
  • All fees are payable within seven days of the date on the invoice. If you are unable to comply with this then please contact the treasurer to organise an alternative payment method. Failure to meet the agreed payment terms may mean your child is excluded from the preschool.